Estimating the diagnosed proportion of HIV in Japan

讲座名称: Estimating the diagnosed proportion of HIV in Japan
讲座时间 2020-01-06
讲座地点 数学楼2-3会议室
讲座人 Hiroshi Nishiura

报告题目:Estimating the diagnosed proportion of HIV in Japan
报告人: Prof. Hiroshi Nishiura, Hokkaido University
The ongoing mainstream of HIV control is to diagnose infected individuals early and bring them under the continued antiretroviral treatment. For this purpose, it is vital to estimate the diagnosed proportion of HIV infected individuals as part of evaluation. A partial differential equation model was devised to capture the data generating process, and the resulting likelihood function was derived. It is then shown that the statistical estimate of diagnosed proportion in Japan is less than 90%, the UNAIDS target by 2020.


Hiroshi Nishiura老师是日本北海道大学医学院的教授。2006年毕业于广岛大学获得博士学位,2002年毕业于宫崎大学并获学士学位。2007年-2011年在荷兰乌得勒支大学从事博士后研究工作, 2011年至2016年先后在中国香港大学,日本东京大学任教,2016年起任北海道大学医学院教授。Hiroshi Nishiura教授是生物统计学,流行病学,数学模型以及数学统计等领域的国际著名学者。在《PLoS One 》,《PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases 》,《 Journal of the Royal Society Interface》,《Journal of Theoretical Biology》,《Lancet Infectious Diseases 》等国际顶尖杂志上发表学术论文百余篇。他的研究工作获得多项科学基金资助并应邀在多次重要国际会议做大会报告。合作出版书籍有《Predicting the Consequences of Social Equality: Great Progress in Social Epidemiology, but with Potential Theoretical Pitfalls》,《Maternal Outcomes in Pregnancy with Smallpox: Epidemiologic Investigations of Case Fatality, Miscarriage and Premature Birth Based on Previous Outbreaks 》,《Two critical issues in quantitative modeling of communicable diseases: Inference of unobservables and dependent happening》等。曾获得日本Open Sesami奖,Tinkiti Toyama预防医学纪念奖,Takemi青年科学家奖,第24届Inoue青年科学家研究奖等奖项,此外Hiroshi Nishiura也获得多项科研基金。目前担任《Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling》主编,《PLoS ONE》学术编辑、《Journal of Biological SystemsE》、《Infectious Disease Modelling》等学术期刊编委。

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